5 Hotel Trends that are Enhancing Guest Experience

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Some hotel trends create mere ripples, other tidal waves. No matter how huge or tiny is the impact of a trend or how ephemeral or lasting it is, the hotels that benefit the most from these are the ones that are the fastest in tailoring their guest experience to it.

Some people prefer city life and look for hotels near attractive locations that they can explore, while some are wildlife enthusiasts and search for accommodations around nature parks. If you are a nature person too, you must get the best hotel in Jim Corbett National park, but you will have to search for it first.

Coming back to the hotel trends, here are 5 trends transforming the guest experience: some for good perhaps, and all certainly for better.

1 The Seamless Guest Experience

Though it may not be the most attention-grabbing of today’s hotel trends, this one keeps popping up in the industry news because of how fundamentally significant it is. While the guest experience is indeed broken into distinct stages (search, book, and stay being the big 3), if it feels broken to the tourists, it will lead to lost booking opportunities and unmet guest expectations.

Hotels are incorporating technology for automating and streamlining the entire guest experience right from start to finish, from optimized online booking engines to single-click check-in formalities.

2 The Personalized Guest Experience

The industry is entering into a modern age of personalization in response to evolving customer expectations. As the individual guests have embraced their uniqueness, the hotels must embrace them as well.

Hotels are exploring solutions that will make the entire guest experience 100% tailored for the individual: to their ideal hotel criteria, and even their food and music preferences.

3 The Transformational-Travel Guest Experience

This trend reflects a new philosophy of travel, as the travelers behind this trend seek self-reflection and development in their tours, to connect with humanity and nature, and return home changed, with a new perspective and a broader understanding of the world they inhabit.

Hotels are positively responding to it by designing guest experiences that enable travelers to challenge and explore their thoughts to reach a new level of satisfaction.

4 The Food-Focused Guest Experience

Nobody will call excellent food a “trend”. “A delightful element of human experience,” sure! In this trend, hotels are incorporating food into the guest experience. Talking about it, there already is decadent in-room dining served well in the wee hours of the morning, breakfast buffets so exquisite that they defy the term “buffet” and call more of a “sumptuous feast”.

Hotels are rising, like mushy, pillowy dinner rolls, to the occasion.

5 The Eco-Friendly Guest Experience

Travelers are becoming increasingly aware of their carbon footprint and want to minimize it wherever and however they can. Hotels that are embracing these values and adapting the guest experience accordingly not only welcome more guests, they are also cutting down energy waste and saving money.

From measures directly visible to guests (lights and ACs that switch off automatically when the room is vacant, think responsibly-sourced toiletries, and even a towel-reuse policy) to efforts happening behind the curtain (going paperless with cloud-based management systems), hotels are going green on many fronts.


Each one of these guest experiences is suggestive of changes in the industry, and hotels should always be open to it, whether it is in the form of new technology or new attribute of travel.

For travelers of all kinds, hotels are keeping up with their pace to give them experiences that they desire. Be it a hotel in Jim Corbett National Park, or somewhere in the city, you thought it, hotels did it!


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