STILL SCINTILLATING : 5 Iconic Statues of Significant People in Liverpool, UK


Every city has famed names and people under the spotlight for many things they have done for the city’s good and for many reasons the public love them. In the United Kingdom, Liverpool is one of the beautiful cities that highly regard and treasure their locals who have made remarkable achievements and influence not only within the city but all over the world.

Through well-made statues, Liverpool gives honor and remembrance to the noteworthy humans of their city. These statues serve as an appreciation and a commemoration to them. Both locals and tourists enjoy the sight of the well-made sculptures located in Liverpool.

Aside from the fact that they are visually delightful and that they are well-known tourist spots in Liverpool, of course, what makes them more special is the history behind and the present significance of them.

Visiting Liverpool, do not miss the chance to see with your own eyes Liverpool’s iconic statues. Through the list below, get to know 6 of them and what they are all about:   

#1: Bessie Braddock Statue

Source – Flickr Radarsmum67

People who have fought for the greater good of the needy majority and of the oppressed definitely have a special place in the nation’s heart. A socialist campaigned all her life to pursue and promote better living conditions for the less fortunate and under-privileged section of Liverpool. It was former city councilor and later Member of Parliament (1945-1970) Bessie Braddock.

Growing up, Bessie’s eyes were opened to the reality that the societal inequality and poverty do exist in their city. Starting from an early age, these issues were not hidden to her anymore. She was no longer ignorant about it since she was young, and that’s where her drive to advocate the betterment of people’s lives in Liverpool came from.

Bessie was never positioned in the government during her lifetime, yet she obtained a nationwide eminence and prevalence because of her downright campaigns. Her movement and efforts were all centered and associated with provision and developments in public health, housing and other social issues. She served on the Royal Commission for Mental Health. Due to her, the Mental Health Act 1959 was born.

Source – Liverpool Echo

When she died, Bessie was identified to be one of the most prestigious political personalities of her time. She was described to be the most well-known woman in Britain, following Queen Elizabeth II. The whole Liverpool appreciate Bessie’s passion and love for the people, especially those at the considered lower portions of society.

Battling Bessie” is the name she is popular for. Significantly, Bessie ranked eighth in a BBC poll of “Great Merseysiders“. In 1970, Bessie breathed her last. Today, you can see the Bessie Braddock Statue at Liverpool Lime Street Station. It is close to the Ken Dodd Statue. These two sculptures joined together is called “Chance Meeting”.

Bessie Braddock Statue is an obra maestra of Tom Murphy. She is holding a handbag and an egg. It’s because of her why British eggs have the lion quality mark on them.

Source – Geograph

Moores Brothers Statue

Source – Liverpool Echo

A retail and football betting company, Littlewoods was established in Liverpool, England in 2923 by its founder John Moores. John started as a one-time post office messenger; he was printing coupons and disseminating them with bare hands.

Years passed, the business boomed and grew. Littlewoods became a household name. Through it, John became a billionaire. The Littlewoods mail order business began as well. Cecil Moore, his brother, handled the operations starting 1932 and also managed as the chairman up to 1979. John was a chairman at Everton Football Club, and in the 1960’s, he passed over the company’s control to Cecil. John’s legacy is written on a stone and is still celebrated even in today’s century in Liverpool.

At present, the Moores Brothers Statues are located in the main shopping area of Liverpool, outside Littlewoods, now the Primark Store. The masterpiece was unveiled and presented to the public by their sons, Chancellor John Moores and Liverpool Football Club’s shareholder David Moores.

Tom Murphy designed this grand sculpture of the two outstanding brothers. It was authorized by Littlewoods to signify and pay tribute to John’s centennial year in 1896.

The monuments were originally on a mounting, however, renovations were done in the site, so they are now placed street level.

Beatles Statue 

Source – Pexels – Nicolas Postiglioni

Liverpool has always been proud and pleased about their musical history and influence that scattered not only within the city’s entirety but also reached and spread throughout the globe. 

The Beatles has always been that iconic music band that nobody can ever forget. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Pete Best completed the original band, but Best was replaced by Ringo Starr in 1962. 

Even through the youngest of generations, The Beatles is known and highly admired. The four sons of Liverpool surely has contributed to the city’s already wonderful history, reputation and pool of talents through the music they let the whole world hear.

Without a doubt, many places have already been a memorial for The Beatles, and one of the freshest is the Beatles Statue situated in Liverpool’s waterfront, just past the Albert Docks. It was in December 4, 2015 that this masterpiece was publicized and unveiled by Julia Baird (John Lennon’s sister) and Liverpool deputy mayor Cllr Ann O’Byrne.

The Cavern Club gifted this statue, and its establishment occurs with the 50th anniversary of the band’s last music show in Liverpool which happened at the Liverpool Empire. The Cavern Club is where the band’s fame in the UK started. The most legendary Liverpool boys surely have brought many people from all over the United Kingdom and all over the whole world to visit their homeland, to see them live and to give ear to their peerless live music.

Produced in clay and resin, the Fab Four figures are bigger than human size. The hands that sculpted this exemplary work of art is Andrew Edwards’ (Andy Edwards) who also worked on other iconic and notable statues in Liverpool. He formed the Beatles Statue with the four men walking down the street. You will surely be amazed to see this sensational piece of art because you’ll really feel like the four boys are positioned to roam around Liverpool.

This area is an iconic spot for taking photos. If you happen to be around the place, dining in restaurants or staying in serviced apartments or hotels in Liverpool, you’ll be so close and free to head over this sought-after landmark and tourist spot in Liverpool. 

Cilla Black Statue

Source – Geograph

Another popular woman in the music industry and television industry as well, Priscilla White, known as Cilla Black, has a life-size statue of herself located in the distinguished Mathew Street in Liverpool. It was commissioned by Cilla’s sons to thank the city of Liverpool for its overflowing support, love and acknowledgement for their mother during her career and even after she had her last breath.

The Cilla Black Statue was uncovered and displayed to the public in January 2017, and it serves as a commendation and a commemoration to the 1960s singing celebrity and television presenter who first worked as a cloakroom attendant at the Cavern Club. That’s the reason why the statue stands outside the club, in front of the entrance used by Cilla when she was working there. 

Source – NME
Source Vision TV

Prior to having a fruitful music career, she was a lady taking care of the club guests’ belongings temporarily kept in the cloakroom. In the 1960s, Cilla took the spotlight over her name with the support from The Beatles. She performed together with the famous group while she was working at the famed Cavern Club. The 1964 Number One singles “Anyone Who Had a Heart” and “You’re My World” belong to Cilla’s biggest achievements in the industry. This spectacular bronze statue was made and collaborated by Emma Rodgers, the main artist, and Andy Edwards. If you will look closely into the details of the statue, Cilla’s dress show images representing her prosperous career and her personal life. At the base, you will see that the Cilla sculpture stands on a disc, “You’re My World” her top single. The unveiling was part of the club’s celebration of its 60th year.

Noel Chavasse VC and Bar Memorial Statue

Source – Liverpool Pembroke & Sefton Harriers & Athletics Club

Located in the Abercromby Square on the University of Liverpool’s South Campus, the Noel Chavasse VC and Bar Memorial Statue is a precious and momentous remembrance of the most celebrated and most saluted soldier of World War I, Captain Noel Godfrey Chavasse.

The younger sibling to his identical twin brother, Noel and his brother were born with typhoid in their first year of life. He was an excellent athlete when he was studying in Liverpool College. He graduated with first-honours, and he studied Medicine in Oxford. 

Noel’s application to the Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC) got approved, and he was appointed as a lieutenant. Chavasse was a captain with the RAMC, British Army attached to the 1/10th (Scottish) Battalion of the King’s (Liverpool Regiment), part of the 55th (West Lancashire) Division in World War I.

Source – Liverpool Pembroke & Sefton Harriers & Athletics Club

The statue represents Captain Chavasse together with a Liverpool Scottish stretcher bearer helping him bring a casualty. Noel is one of Liverpool’s valorous men of World War I. He is very much celebrated not just in the city but even abroad.

The top-notch and most esteemed award of the United Kingdom’s honours system is called the Victoria Cross (VC for short). It is bestowed only on men full of spirit and courage “in the presence of the enemy” to members of the British Armed Forces. This award may be given even after the recipient’s death.

The greatest reason why Noel is the greatest soldier to be granted this award is that out of the 628 VCs granted to soldiers in World War I, only Captain Chevasse was given the VC two times. Furthermore, in history, he is one of the only three men who received this hard-to-earn recognition. Chiefly, Noel is the first person to be endowed with two VCs for his deeds in the same battle.

Source – Wikimedia Commons

An outstanding British medical doctor, athlete, and renowned British Army officer, Noel lived for 32 years. Today, it is held that Noel is the individual who has the most war mementos in the UK if not one of the most. The UK National Inventory of War Memorials notes sixteen of them. With a price that shook the world records, his medals placed in St Peter’s College Oxford was bought at £1.5 million by a British-Belizean businessman and politician.

Tom Murphy is the sculptor who put his heart in creating Noel’s statue in Abercromby. Instead of the captain’s hat, the glengarry of the Liverpool Scottish was Noel’s usual headdress, thus, the reason for the statue’s depiction. Although it is said to be out of the way by some tourists, its location is deemed very meaningful as it is set close to Noel’s childhood home. It has been unveiled to the public in August 17, 2008.


Above is an information-packed list about the monuments or statues of celebrated Liverpool children. They are deemed as august tourist spots. So many years have passed, yet they are still remembered and very much taken pride in. They are still fascinating; what they have done and how they have influenced the people who have believed and admired them still scintillate today.

If you will visit Liverpool City UK, never lose a great chance to see these unmatched sculptures which cannot be seen anywhere else as they are. If parks, dinings, museums and 5 star hotels in Liverpool are already visually pleasing, these statues and more of the like are around the city too, introducing their beloved Liverpool-born victors to tourists and to new generations. 


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