Festivals in India

A Cultural festival is a ceremony enjoyed by a special community or traditional people of a particular place. India is a country of festival. There are also many types of festivals and occasions in India that are celebrated to elevate Indian culture, art, literature and local rituals and customs that entice loads of tourists throughout the year.

7 Best Cultural Festivals in India to Enjoy in 2020/2021 amidst 365 festivals rejoiced in this country of vibrant colour, religion, and culture, Every day in India is a festival.

There are several purposes for Indians to feast festivals. Some depend either on the moon cycle or the farming cycle. The pious fanciful epic of a nation Mahabharat and Ramayan,  also toil many festivals to be honoured.

By comprehending the list of top cultural  Indian festivals I am trying to assist travellers to pick the most suitable tour operator with the top cultural festival tour package for the year 2020/2021.

Many travellers from the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand travel down to this peninsular country to feel the incredible festivals representing unity in diversity and more to explore the rich and magnificent structural and intrinsic charm of this nation.

Many touring companies promote different types of festival tours for the small-large group, private group, senior citizens, solo travellers,  families and all tourists looking ahead to enjoy holidays while carousing cultural festival of India.

Top Cultural Festivals in India to Enjoy

Cultural festivals in India are celebrated by offering puja and maintaining routines, eating local and traditional delights, welcoming family and friends and revelling frolic and joyful moments in life.

#1 Holi Festival 2020

Holi Festival

The two-day frolic festival begins with preparing desserts at home, visiting friends and families and then colouring others with powdered coloured. The favourite quote “Bura Na Mano Holi hai” can be listened bawling on roads by the jovial crowd on this day. Holi in India is celebrated across the country to propagate victory of goodness always over evilness depicting from the traditional story of Prahlad, who was protected by his God Brahma, by the attack of his father Hirnakashyap.

Upcoming Festival Date:  9th -10 March 2020.

Places to visit:  Mathura, Barsana, Vrindavan Jaipur, Udaipur, Delhi, Varanasi, Jaisalmer, Mumbai, Agra, Bhopal. Jodhpur.

#2 Diwali Festival 2020

Diwali Festival

The three-day festival starts with enhancing the house with lights or “Diya”  clay lamp offering puja, ceremonies, gathering family and friends. The glittering light from every corner is what presents this festival surreal to the sights. One of the most important and greatest festivals in India is jubilated throughout the country as a mark of victory of good over evil. The festival is connected with the traditional story of Lord Rama who was greeted back in his empire after fourteen years of haze.

Upcoming Festival Date:  27th October 2019.

Places to visit: Goa, Jaipur, Udaipur, Delhi, Varanasi, Jaisalmer, Mumbai, Agra, Bhopal. Jodhpur.

#3 Hornbill festival  2020

Hornbill festival

The Hornbill festival is an annual festival upheld in Nagaland the eastern state of India. The festival is celebrated in the first week of December. The 7-day festival attracts travellers from various parts of the world to get acquainted with shy Naga tribes. The parade during the festival is conducted out with colourful folk dances and songs performances, sports and celebrations. The popular arts of Nagaland including murals, wood carvings, and woodcutting are good keepsakes for the travellers. Moreover, if you are a foodie and relish on non- veg you will simply enjoy each day of the Hornbill Festival.

Upcoming Festival Date: 30th November-10th December 2019

Places to visit: Assam

#4 Durga Puja, 2020

Durga Puja

The propitious and holy festival is celebrated sumptuously in Kolkata and the eastern region. The festival involves eight days puja, followed by aarti and laminate dances and festivities. The festival is prominently jubilated by the Bengali community but the whole nation could not resist capitulating to the infinite power of Goddess Durga. The statue of the goddess is induced to the home for five days and the ceremony extends with fun and enjoyment and gets over with immersion of the same statue in nearby water bodies.

Upcoming Festival Date: 4th -8th October 2019

Places to visit: Gujarat, Rajasthan, Kolkata, Assam, Orissa, Bihar

#5 Pushkar Fair, 2020

Pushkar Fair

The Pushkar fair is the absolute destination to endure some exciting Rajasthani cultures, beliefs, attire, artefacts and enjoy the merriment activities. The globally famous carnival pulls about two lakh visitors every year. The Fair was essentially a method among locals to displays their cattle but presently many amusing activities, cultural events, luxurious stay and other charms lure visitors across the world.

Upcoming Festival Date: 5th -12th November 2019.

Places to visit: Jaipur, Ajmer, Golden triangle circuit, Ranthambore tiger park

6). Jaipur Literature Fest, 2020

Jaipur Literature Fest

If you fancy reading then this festival is a must-visit. The world, most skilled writers gather at one spot to express their thoughts and also communicate with the fans at this astounding event for all readers and scholars. The globally recognized fair invites almost 300 learned speakers every year. Enjoy the social programmes, musical nights, performing shows and night city tour. Buy elegant dresses and jewellery from the local shops and enjoy the local flavours.

Upcoming Festival Date: 23rd -27th January 2020

Places to visit: Jaipur, Ajmer

7). Ganeshotsav 2020

The most prominent festival of Maharashtra which continues for 10 days is dedicated to welcome Lord Ganesh on the event of his birthday. Lord Ganesh is admired as the lord of prosperity  This festival is celebrated with grandeur. The idol of Lord Ganesha is embraced in the house with belief and respect for 10 days. During these time houses remain decorated with lamps and mandals. On the last day, the idol is immersed in water with a hope of him returning next year.

Places to Visit: Maharashtra, Mumbai and Andhra Pradesh.

Upcoming Festival Date: 22nd August 2020

Places to visit: Mumbai

In the end, I conclude that it is the best time to choose the best package according to your choice and plan today to enjoy the upcoming cultural festivals in India in year 2020/2021 like Rakhi,  Holi, JLF, Diwali, New year, Pushkar Mela falling in August, November, December.


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