Best Tourist Spots in Himachal


If there is one place you are looking to find solace, then there is nothing better than a 4-5 day trip to the snow-capped beauty, Himachal Pradesh.

YES!! That’s right. I know some of you might have presumed that I was talking about a foreign state with similar traits but being a traveller/explorer myself, but not as avid as other travellers which you would find on Instagram or other social media handles, Himachal Pradesh is filled with scenic beauties that will mesmerize your soul.

I know….I know that the budget is a problem. So what? Should we just give up on exploring new places and just take our last breath in the city we were born in? I’d recommend, smart traveling as an option. It usually goes up to INR 15000-20000 as far as the expenses are concerned but there are many companies offering smart traveling solutions. Just like I came across a company known as Mihuru, which offers fantastic options to travellers like us who are always BROKE!! :P.

Anyway, moving ahead, I am going to talk about how you can make the utmost use of the thrill and unimaginable beauty that, the northwest region of the magnificent Himalayas has to provide.

India’s best backpacking destination, walking you through the snow-capped pine trees and their super friendly inhabitants, this place has it all.

backpacking destination

Over the past decade, Himachal Pradesh has become a natural hub for all travellers seeking to run away from their never-ending problems and to find the peace which makes you feel closer to nature.

From all the busy schedules that we usually crib about, take 96 hours out of your busy lives and pay a visit here.

The best way to reach here is to take a flight to Chandigarh and then hire a local cab or city buses to take you wherever you wish to.  The best time of the year to visit here is post-March and believe me, when you start seeing the snow melt uncovering the lush green fields and hills and horses grazing, you will then realize the true beauty of nature and be able to understand it.

  1. Now the first place you would want to visit and my personal favorite – Kasol

Source: Unsplash

A normal drive takes you through the breath-taking windy hill roads. Kasol is an extremely popular destination but it is somewhat commercialized. Thanks to the coverage it received from the media but if you go deep into it, you will find the place more and more communicative. You will find kids jumping and playing in the hot water springs which makes you want to stay there forever. Spend a day relaxing there and then moving on to our next destination, Malana

  • Malana

Source: Unsplash

Malana is just a 50 min drive from Kasol and the roads will enlighten you with lush greens and orange fields. The picturesque village is especially known for its quiet ambiance and panoramic views of Chandrakhani peaks. However, the locals there do not entertain party animals or loud environments. The Goa-vibe? No, it does not work in that part of the region.

Why not just go there and just as you would in any other part of Himachal, smoke some pot and embrace the charm it has to offer?

  • Tosh

If not the best, I feel this place is 2nd to none when it comes to places offering beauty, peace, pleasure all at the same time.

This place is a 2-hour drive from Kasol situated 2400 m above sea level. This is a place, which I feel needs no development as far as building apartments or shopping malls are concerned. It has its own way of making the travellers fall in love with it. I’d recommend staying at Pink Floyd Cafe, another place where no stranger is a stranger after a joint of marijuana.

  • Kheerganga

To complete a trip filled with memories, Kheerganga is the place where you can end your journey.

You can do a 4-hour trek from Barsheni and climbing through the beauties that nature has to provide. Once you reach the top of Kheerganga, you will feel like you are on top of the world with pin-drop silence around you and the snow-clad mountains being a panoramic view of a photo frame or a desktop wallpaper.

Looks like we have come to an end of our journey folks. God!! It felt so good writing about this.  The motive behind this is to encourage you all to be a part of such journeys and explore the magical setup that the mighty Himalayas have to offer.


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