Unbelievable Drive to Leh-Ladakh – Plan a Memorable Trip

Have you ever wondered what does it feels like to get lost in the mesmerizing beauty of nature that offers you the sense of tranquility of the region and peace that you have been looking for a quite long time?

Well, if not then, a road trip to Leh-Ladakh can offer you the divine atmosphere and serenity that you were craving for, accompanying you with an adventure drive to make your days enthralling. This is a journey everyone has heard of and most of them are waiting to experience on.

If traveling to this place is in your bucket list then you should, by all means, have a bike ride from Manali to Leh, as this will be counted as one of the best experiences of your life. This place has become the most popular summer destination for the tourists and many travelers dream to visit Leh Ladakh once in their lifetime.

Today, tourists from all over the world are coming to visit this Trans-Himalayan region. Riding across the high-mountain passes, glancing at the spell-binding landscape, crossing the twisted roads, feeling the cold breeze, visiting the monasteries, and camping near the astonishing high-altitude lakes makes Leh and Ladakh – the land of paradise.

Ladakh has a number of things to offer to the visitors, the beautiful landscape, chilling weather, the festivals, hospitality, and the peace, which every nature lover hunts for. But before planning a trip to Ladakh, one should take note of these following points that states the physical fitness needed for this journey, especially a bike ride, as the acute mountain sickness can affect the physically fit people also:

  • One should be physically fit for a trip to Ladakh as the atmosphere is gradually changing, so people who are not good with changing weather need to prepare themselves up.
  • Climb the mountains gradually to let the body adjust with the temperature of the place, and people who are suffering from asthma should avoid visiting this region.
  • You should increase the intake of water slowly as if you get over-hydrated this might harm you.
  • The level of oxygen remains low, so avoid including excessive physical activities to avoid fatigue and breathlessness. As this might run you out of the excitement.
  • If you notice any sign of acute mountain sickness, then take a break from the ride to avoid any health caution.
  • One of the most essential things about this ride is that you need to take rest after two days if you are planning to directly land to Leh.

Being located in the lap of the Himalayas, this region is known to be the coldest regions in India, so when you’ll cross Keylong, you’ll notice the difference in the weather as well as the landscape. So, in order to have the best stay, have all the essentials that are needed throughout the journey and the stay.

Get lost in the mesmerizing beauty of nature!

Have an Unforgettable College Trip from Chandigarh to Shimla

Going on a college trip with friends is a unique experience and exiting too. There are many tourist places to visit nearby Chandigarh, but Shimla is the finest tourist place of them all, where you can plan your trip and gather good memories.

Hiring taxi all the way from Chandigarh to Shimla is also an easy and reliable option, as you can do it online, a day before your trip. The hired cab will pick you up from your place, so you don’t need to be at a pre-decided venue.

A taxi service allows you to visit the places that fall in-between your starting destination to your final one with no time restriction. While traveling to Shimla, you can enjoy many famous places, which will make your trip even more wonderful.

Here is the list of the tourist places between Chandigarh and Shimla.


It is the first place that comes on the road trip to Shimla. From here the mountain road starts with lots of bends and turns. There is a beautiful and famous place called Pinjore Garden, and it lies on the lower foothills of Shivalik Ranges. Known as the example of Mughal Garden style, it is spread on 100 acres of the area; here you can visit historic places, mini zoo, and Japanese garden along with a number of picnic spots.


The Solan is a beautiful place and there are many famous places to visit there. One of them is Menri Monastery, it is the oldest monasteries in India and the most colorful place in Salon. It is a symbol of spirituality and Buddhism and people visit this place to celebrate calmness.

The best time to visit the monastery is during the New Year’s Eve, as you can see and enjoy the festivity, color, and vibrancy with the Bon Dances, which are performed there.


In this place, you can experience a multiple of adventures like rock climbing, valley crossing, forest hikes, and much more. The most recommended place is the Chail Sanctuary, and this is a hill station which is the residence of wildlife, and you can see goral, sambar, barking deer, etc. during the sunset and sunrise.

Tara Devi

This place is located in the middle of the thick forest of oak trees and has a scenic view of the superior surrounding of Himalayas. The Tara Devi temple is extremely popular among the tourists; and the devotees have a strong belief that the Goddess Tara Devi visited here from Bengal. This temple is dedicated to the goddess of stars.

All in All

These are the famous tourist places that you can visit on the way from Chandigarh to Shimla through taxi. After having all these great experiences on the way, you’ll reach Shimla with a new sense of adventure while enjoying the serene and calm atmosphere that helps you to relax and forget all the worries of life.