Interesting Places That You Must Visit in Los Angeles


Los Angeles is one of the world-famous tourist attractions to visit. No matter you are visiting there for a short-time or spend some quality time wandering around, Los Angeles never fails to amaze its visitors. There is no denying that Los Angeles has got an inexhaustible array of things to do and places to visit.  If you are looking to book cheap flights from Washington dc to Honolulu or Washington DC to Los Angeles, here are some good reasons for you to do so.

Mentioned below is a list of some of the best places to visit and things to do in Los Angeles.

Venice Beach- Venice Beach is best known as the epicenter of California. It is known as the unique place for people to visit for some fun and relaxation. Venice Beach welcomes all walks of life.

Catalina Island- Visiting the gorgeous Catalina Island would give you the taste of the Mediterranean in Southern California.  It will give you an illusion as you have stepped onto the coast of Greece. You can see people driving golf carts, fish fly, etc.  Visiting this island would give you a long-week vacation and a perfect weekend escape.

Disneyland- Disneyland is a top destination for the visitors in Los Angeles. It is known for its friendly employees, fun factor and cleanliness. It is the place where you can wear a funny hat all day long and still not feel silly about it.  It is must place to visit to enjoy being a kid with your kids.

Malibu Coast- Malibu Coast is too scenic. Here you can spend more time than you want to. You can enjoy all of the scenery on your drive from Santa Monica in just a few hours on the Malibu Coast Drive.

Rodeo Drive- Rodeo Drive is the place to visit if you want to shop in style. You can find here affordable designer boutiques and flagship stores which are usually seen in the movies.

Downtown LA– The Downtown tours are extremely popular.  Walking it off in Downtown will give you a glimpse to Los Angeles urban architectural heritage. These walking tours gives you the insight of city’s top sights, beautiful buildings, historic theaters and much more.

Jurassic Park– Jurassic Park is a pseudo-scientific nook. It has nothing to do with Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park or any of its sequels. This amazing park contains an intriguing combination of fact and fiction and many more exciting things.  You can find here bats flying through walls and much more.

Those were some of the amazing places that you must visit in Los Angeles. Now when you have known all the interesting reasons, what are you waiting for? Visit Big Travel Help today to book your flights from Seattle to Los Angeles. You can book cheap flights from Washington DC to Honolulu at highly discounted prices. Rush to Big Travel Help today for all the latest offers and deals.


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