Important Things You didn’t Know about Canyonlands National Park


Visiting National Parks is one of the best ways to spend vacations in the US. Nothing else can beat the sheer range of activities these National Parks have to offer. The best part is that you can visit these National Parks with your friends, as well as kids. Among others, Canyonlands National Park is the best, where a lifetime of exploration awaits you. So, download the best flight booking app on your phone and don’t let the best things wait any longer.

Although every season is good to visit a national park, you should avoid the heat of the summer of Canyonlands as it can get unbearably hot. Choose fall or spring, and you’ll have the best time of your life discovering the corners of the National Park. Conversely, winters in Utah can get very cold, which means visiting the national park in the shoulder seasons will help you to avoid unfavourable weather, as well as the crowd. However, if you do decide to visit the national park in summer, follow some quick tips to enjoy your trip.

Go early

Canyonlands National Park can get quite busy, which is why visiting it early in the morning is the best time to see wildlife in its natural habitat. Morning visits before 9 am will help you beat the heat and crowd as you can finish your hikes by 11-12. Also, if you are visiting famous landmarks like Mesa Arch to get great pictures, you will need to reach there early to avoid crowds.

Buy an Annual Pass for National Parks

If you are looking forward to visiting more than one national park in a year, getting an annual pass will help you save some bucks. You can use this annual pass to visit multiple national parks without having to spend money on every visit.

Stay hydrated

You will need plenty of water to stay hydrated while hiking in the national park. You will also need to carry hats and sunscreen to avoid exposing to the sun directly. Since Canyonlands is pretty much exposed to the sun, it starts to get heat up by 10 in the morning. Therefore, getting here early and finishing the hikes before 10am will help you stay protected.

Walking shoes

Whether you choose marked or primitive trails, you will need good hiking shoes to enjoy.

Three things to know about Canyonlands

  • Canyonlands is split into three main areas – Island in the Sky, Needles and the Maze. Among these, the Maze is very remote, which is why it is suitable only for experienced hikers and adventurers.
  • When it comes to allocating time in Canyonlands, you can spend one day in Island in the Sky and spare another day for Needles areas.
  • Driving between Needles and Island in the Sky takes about two hours, which is why you can’t do justice to both areas in a single day. Travelling to both the regions in a single day is particularly hard if you are travelling with kids.

Island in the Sky is the most comfortable section to reach while close to Moab. As you visit the national park, don’t forget to visit the following places.

Mesa Arch: This is undoubtedly one of the main attractions in Canyonlands. The arch offers excellent views of the park,but it is on the edge of a sheer drop,so you need to be extra cautious while visiting here.

Grand View Point: This point perhaps gives the best view in the whole of Island in the Sky, so don’t miss the great lookout in Canyonlands.

Upheaval Dome: This trail takes only about a one-mile round trip which is easy to complete with kids too.

Green River Overlook: Don’t only go by the name as here you need to see how the river has carved through the rock.

Buck Canyon Overlook: Though visiting the park early is the best time, visiting it when the sun goes down is another option you can choose. Buck Canyon Overlook is among the best places to get the best photos in the region.

Island in the Sky is filled with a stunning mix of easy and challenging hiking trails. So, book your air tickets right away and make arrangements for your accommodation in advance to enjoy a trip to the Canyonlands.


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