Top 10 Beaches in the UK


Are you obsessed with the white sandy beaches of Bahamas and Miami?

If yes then it’s time to explore some European beaches and when it comes to European beaches, the UK is the heaven for the beach lovers. The UK is an island country and therefore this place is piled with beautiful beaches.

Summer or no summer, the UK’s beaches and shores always offers walk, rock pools, and unique wildlife and off course fresh air. The weather of the UK is different from those Pacific Ocean islands and thus the whole ecosystem of the British beaches is unique and incredible.

What will be better than spending quality time with your loved ones at one of the most popular beaches in the UK and some of those are most scenic spots in this blue planet? Creating a list of top 10 beaches in the UK is really a difficult task when there are hundreds of options available.

Here’s the complete list of top 10 beaches in the UK and the reason of their existence in this list.

1.Blackpool Beach, Lancashire

Most of the beaches are hub of summer entertainment but Blackpool trades throughout the whole year. The days are amazing and the nights are awesome at this English beach.

Blackpool beach is an entertainment hotspot where music concerts are help time to time. Many worlds recognized singers including Britney Spears, Pitbull, DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince had performed earlier. In 2018 a three day music show was hosted at the front of famous Blackpool tower during the Blackpool festival.

The Blackpool beach recently has been awarded with its “first blue flag” putting it on the list of top renowned sites of the world. There is so much to explore in the Blackpool beach beside sandcastles, beach sand, sea live and sunbath.

2.Bamburgh Beach

It could be the best shooting location for some of the Hollywood movies. The crystal clear water, shiny beach and the Bamburgh castle makes this place majestic. This place with sandy coastline backed by huge sand dunes was once a stronghold Norman dynasty.

What really makes this beach awesome and completely unique from others is the Bamburgh castle. The castle dates back to 6th century which is still dominating the outline behind the beach.

Best places to explore near Bamburgh beach:

  • Bamburgh Castle
  • Grace Darling Museum
  • St Aidan Church
  • Farne Islands
  • Lindisfarne Nature Reserve
  • Beau Monde Spa

3.Rhossili Beach

If you are tired with your daily life rush and need complete isolation and peace of mind then Rhossili beach could be the appropriate place to relax and refresh yourself. The beautiful beach is spread through an arc shape and has a length of more than 5 KM.

Rhossili beach is considered the 3rd most famous beaches of the UK. There are bucket full of medieval and prehistoric spots near the beach such as St Mary Virgin Church, Fall Bay, Weobley Castle, Stradey Castle, Pennard Castle, Oxwich Castle, Culver Hole Cave, Parc Howard Museum etc.

Activities to do at Rhossili beach:

  • Surfing
  • Boating
  • Board Riding
  • Shopping
  • Gaming
Rhossili beach

4.Barafundle Bay

Most of the world’s popular beaches are usually crowded and some of them are overcrowded. The beaches listed here are exclusive and less explored. The untouched natural beauty of these beaches will heal your body and soul.

Barafundle bay beach is also less traveled beach in the UK and I am sure you will love to roam this destination no matter if you are traveling solo or you are traveling with family members. The mess free environment, clear water, golden sand, white cliffs and lush greenery makes this place a tourist heaven.


  • Top 12 beaches in the world, 2004
  • Best picnic spot, 2006
  • Green coast and seaside award, 2019
Barafundle Bay

5.West Wittering, Sussex

A beach seems to be like incomplete without the colorful beach houses and West Wittering beach has plenty of them. These colorful bathing houses helps you getting rid of sea water and sand after spending hours at the beach.

The beach huts are the necessary part of every beach ecosystem and many of these huts are integrated with a lot of features and facilities. The West Wittering beach lies at the Chichester Harbor which offers a magnificent view.

6.Sandalwood Bay

It’s time to explore some Scottish beaches in the UK and Snadalwood Bay could be the best option to go with. The best part of this beach is it is less known and isolated. You won’t believe but Sandalwood bay is the most unspoilt beaches in the UK and the beauty lies under its isolation. More than 1.5 miles of untouched beach filled with golden sand will make you feel more romantic with your better half.

Places to visit near Sandalwood Bay:

  • Cape Wrath
  • Spirit Trekking Centre
  • Ridgway Adventure
  • Cape Wrath Lighthouse
Sandalwood Bay

7.Porthcurno Bay, Cornwall

Porthcurno bay has a lot of small beaches at the foot of Porthcurno cliffs. Porthcorno means “bay of Cornwall” in the local Cornish language. The beach is stretched to more than 3 miles and embedded with the rocky cliffs.

There aren’t many beaches which can match the raw beauty of this English beach. Each and every element of Porthcurno Bay is exotic and unique from its white sandy beaches to turquoise water and rugged granite cliffs to unspoilt oceanic wildlife.

Few places to visit in Porthcurno bay:

  • Sennen Land’s End
  • Sculpture Garden
  • Tanglewood Wild Garden
  • Minack Theatre
  • Marine Discovery
  • Geevor Tin Mine
Porthcurno Bay, Cornwall

8.Blakeny Point, Norfolk

Spend time with grey seals at the Blakeny Point, Norfolk and witness the wild side of the UK. You need to visit this place in winter to see the seal pups and the adults nurse them during the warmer months on the sandbanks of this beach.

The Blakeny Point is enriched with extraordinary wildlife and this beach could be the perfect place to watch the wildlife at its best. Explore the natural inhabitants of this place including otters, sea birds, seals, sandwich terns, yellow horned puppies and more.

Blakeny Point, Norfolk

9.Kingsgate Bay, Kent

The king’s place is widely popular as Kingsgate Bay and many English monarchies have lived in the famous Kingsgate Castle. The castle is made on the top of the white chalk cliff and at the foot of the cliff there is a miles long sandy beach.

The beach is almost isolated due to unavailability of proper commute and roads. Explore the unexplored things at the Kingsgate Bay and I am sure that would be one of the best experiences of your life.

Best places to visit near Kingsgate Bay:

  • Botany Bay
  • Joss Bay
  • Kingsgate Castle
  • North Foreland Golf Club
Kingsgate Bay, Kent

10.Woolacombe Beach, Devon

Woolacombe beach is one of the most travelled British beaches and that’s why it is featured in this list and had won numerous awards. The iconic English grassland, meadows and valleys are stretched at the sea shore which makes the place more mesmerizing.

Places to visit near Woolacombe Beach:

  • St Sabinus Church
  • Bull Point Lighthouse
  • Mortehoe Museum
  • Roylands Horse Riding
  • Watermouth Castle
woolacombe beach

Bottom Line:

If you are going to invest on traveling make sure to invest on best. Create your budget, buy travel accessories according the destination, pack your bag and hit the road. Make a plan and create a list of places you are going to visit. Doing this will surely help you roam your top destinations more conveniently and mess free.

The ecosystem of a pacific beach and English beach differs completely and thus you must visit few top beaches in the UK once in your life. This post will surely help you in creating list of your top UK destination to travel this or maybe next year.


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