Mysterious Places in the World

The world had zillions of things that we can currently focus on but as travelers we zeal in creating zillions of memories than focusing on things going around us. From the Great Wall of China to the Taj Mahal, there are myriad of breathtaking landscapes and sights that make a huge impact on the people today, and then there are some other places that astonish us in a much different way.

It is true that we have amazing landscapes throughout the world, but for every beautiful thing around, there are always different swerves of things that will make you strain into the eyes or scratch your head out before pounding up your camera. Some of these places are adversity of the Earth that are formed over millions of years, rest are people adapting to some of the Earth’s natural phenomena. 

Spotted Lake in British Columbia

Spotted Lake is an alkaline lake, which is honored by the native people of Okanagan, and this is the reason they think the lake as sacred. The water evaporates in the summers and small mineral puddles are left, where every puddle is different in color. This is a unique lake, with its own diversity, and you can see on Highway 3, northwest, though visitors are not allowed to encroach on the land.

The Bermuda Triangle in North Atlantic Ocean

The villainous Bermuda Triangle, which has been cloaked in the mystery, is spread to 500,000 square miles between Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and Florida. However, there are disputes from the US Coastguards, they strictly deny the existence of the Bermuda Triangle, so the conspiracies still propel on the stories of unusual happening around the area, like missing people and ships without even leaving a trace.

Thor’s Well in Oregon

When the rough conditions occur at the Thor’s Well, the surf scuttles into the well and the mysteriously shoots upwards with a great force. The mystery is still unrevealed, you can check the place from Cape Perpetua Scenic Area, the visitor center, by taking the Captain Cook Trail. However, if there is any high tide or storm, you need to rethink about visiting for your own safety measures.

The Catacombs in Paris

The intensely spine-chilling catacombs are networks of old excavation channels underneath Paris. Most are mysterious or can say baffling, skulls and bones that are taken from the city’s swarming burial grounds for the duration of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Later the authorities apprehended that this is a potential tourist attraction so this is the reason that the bones were assembled in the horrid displays that you can view today.

Glass Beach in California

Who has thought that years of garbage could result in something this beautiful, but this doesn’t mean that you start littering around the beaches? This glittering glass beach is a major tourist attraction in California, over the time, the waves broke every garbage from electric appliances to cans into the colorful pebbles, but the visitors are trying to make it impossible for it to stay as it is because they are now taking glasses back to their places.

Red Beach in Panjin

Covered with the seaweed known as Sueda, this is an extremely weird and astonishing beach, which turns in bright red color in the autumn season. These tidal wetlands are essential to nature preserves for the birds. This is a major tourist attraction spot in Panjin, but just a small section is accessible by the public. It has an extended wooden walkway, which is stretched out to the sea, so the rest of the beach can be explored from there.

The Nazca Lines in Peru

Located in a parched coastal area of Peru, the geometric shapes or lines are engraved by the ancient Nazca remaining as one of the greatest mysteries in South America. These lines are only perceptible from the sky or from a metal viewing tower that is near the highway. They are scratched mysteriously on the ground and are in thousands as well as depict creatures including the shapes of animals, plants, and some peculiarly shaped unbelievable figures.

Mount Roraima in Venezuela

Mount Roraima, the tabletop mountains have an exceedingly weird sight, as straight lines as a mountain, are so atypical in nature. It looks like these mountains have been engraved or molded, they do not look like a product of a few billion years of natures wearing down. They are about 9,000 feet high, and standing on top of the world’s odd and oldest geographical structures will make your pulse rate go high while making you feel incredible.

Fly Geyser in Nevada

In 1964, after a thermal drilling test went dreadfully, the fly geyser was created accidentally, and ever since the heated water has been emitting from the gusher. It has a distinctive shell of calcium, which is created by the heavy mineral deposits that are found in the water. This is a beautiful place that some might have already added to their bucket list, nut the possibility to view this geyser is awfully limited, as it is on private property, and is not reserved for the public to view or access.

All in All

We live in a phenomenal place, over time, the Earth has developed a number of incredible landscapes and weird sights, and people from centuries are awe-struck with this diversity. They have found creative and ingenious ways to contend with these beautiful attributes of nature.


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