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VIP Lifestyle Management- The New Way of Living Prosperous and Happy Life

vip lifestyle management
celebration, friends, bachelorette party and holidays concept - happy women drinking champagne and cocktails at night club

Assisting for a proper life management system is not a new thing for high-class people. To maintain their status willingly seek for their VIP Lifestyle management. There are thousands of advisors available in your society, but the right advisor can guide you to the live of VIP.

Automobile Services

Exclusive automobile sourcing super cars, classic cars, and expensive cars from different brands like Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Audi, Mercedes, and other dream cars can be an idea joy to your life in and off tour. All love driving along a hillside, beaches and long journey with luxurious.

Availing you with luxurious cars facilities during your tour or any other individual’s necessity is the best service that is provided to the customers. Moreover, provide you to discrete markets and sale cars of clients by extensive networking with the manufacturers, collectors, and dealers. Renting cars of your choice to travel is also available as special services to our customers.

VIP Event Management

It doesn’t speak about where your industry belongs to special events, an invite-only to attend is necessary to your clients, individuals or family members who are deserving of the celebrations or some other VIP presents. Making someone feel blessed with all types of events especially VIP live events will speak a great value. This can help in building good relations and chant memories that make people remember for long.
VIP event services include the following:-

  1. Sports Events:-
  • Football matches (especially World Cups)
  • Champions Leagues
  • Boxing
  • Tennis
  • Volley Balls
  • Badminton
  • Crickets etc

Arranging you the VIP seats or VIP lounge to watch live and enjoy the games, sometimes conducting friendly matches within your organization, family and friends.

  1. Concerts of popular artists.
  2. Awards ceremonies like Fashions, Academic Awards, and Film Festival Awards.
  3. DJs and music.
  4. Birthday Parties and any other celebrations

Luxury Travel Services

Setting out on a special occasion for a lovely journey with families, business partners and with any relation to an exclusive venue travel agencies are by your side to extend any of the services that you want.

Luxurious travel services may include-

  1. Group travel and tours
  2. Cruises tour
  3. Custom vacation planning
  4. Business trips and private holidays planning and execution
  5. Rent or acquire Private Island
  6. Private jet renting plans
  7. Renting of Exclusive Villas
  8. Assisting your travel and especially to elderly customers
  9. Booking of hotel rooms and flight tickets

Art Concierge Services

Art adds luxury to our lifestyle and if you want to beautify your life with an art gallery, then you can turn to an expert’s art services provider. Luxurious art services may include the given below

Our services include-

  1. You can buy and sell fine arts with the guidance of expert connoisseur.
  2. You can Access the art galleries with a connoisseur.
  3. A connoisseur will help you in executing for choosing types of artwork.
  4. The Connoisseur will help you to import and export high-value arts.

Security & Support Solution

If you have of reputation in society because you’re very rich, high-class businessmen or any other known artist your personal and safety are necessary.
The security and support service are:-

  1. Extensive security and support solution
  2. Security for private and corporate events
  3. Personal security
  4. Property protection
  5. Private Investigator
  6. Cyber security

Private Medical Services

Your health is one of the top priorities to your family and your organization, Health is wealth. In this busy lifestyle most people forget about their health, and keeping a private medical helper will solve your problem.

Medical Service:-

  1. Help the client to select a private clinic for any treatment.
  2. Assess their fitness level.
  3. Proving necessary medical assistance when needed.

Private Education

Education is the way to live; the value for education has changed rapidly today. Getting an education from one of the best Institutes is a dream for all parents and students.


  1. Guide the clients in selecting a private institute for their children.
  2. It offers suitable camps and learning events.
  3. Guide the students in choosing up their carrier.

Top businesspersons and multi-millionaire are living a life of luxury, but VIP lifestyle management has become a big problem in this gradually changing world. Most people look for expert’s advisors to maintain their lifestyle, and if you want to live a luxurious life then you must get spare time to seek guidance from the noted lifestyle advisor.

Make your Vacation a Worthwhile Experience


Life is meant to be enjoyed with endless adventures and exploration. However, embark on a journey and discover the beautiful places if you wish to give a pause to your off-track routine life and to enjoy the memorable segment of your life.

Life is a constant battle between our dreams and achievement, but in this race, we totally forget to live peacefully. So, why not to take a break and taste the flavors of life by going on a vacation. Everyone has a different and unique perspective to enjoy the vacation that satisfies their thirst of being alive.

It is your own choice, how you want to live for yourself by making your vacation more meaningful like some wants to go on beach, spending some time with beautiful nature and enjoying the scenic view of sunset far from the hustle-bustle life, on the other hand, some are seeking for a lifetime adventure that makes them feel every second count.

How one leads their vacation is a different thing, but there is a tiny but major point to consider that what can turn your vacation into a lifetime memorable experience.

Have you ever noticed that what is vital expect for a stress-free, comfortable luxurious vacation?

Our expectation for an ideal vacation automatically leads to the most significant aspect of a trip that is comfort and luxury and no one can understand it better than professionals. Crafting an ideal vacation is the work of perfection and requires keen knowledge of an incredible destination.

Planning a luxury vacation like travel agencies needs a vast approach to have strong world-wide contacts that helps to crack innovative deals. Sure, it seems a challenging task but we can talk about what type of approach a luxury travel agency carries to create an extraordinary holidays.

Strategic Approach 

Travel agencies are known for their contemporary set of mind that made them think strategically in order to create a vacation more considerable. They firmly believe in staying upgraded with the facts such as incredible destinations, accommodation, transportation, or another service that needs to be covered in planning a holidays.

You must also plan for some adventure activities if you’re planning a camping trip. It will surely make your vacation more memorable.

Their strategic approach to create a perfectly tailored luxury vacation that goes beyond the expectation.

Privacy Policies 

A relaxed and luxurious vacation is considered by personalization and travel agencies understand this specific fact firmly.  They carry an attentive approach to make their clients comfortable by paying keen attention to their privacy terms. The perfection they deliver in every aspect of travel, somewhere it makes the traveler feel more special.

Whether it is a luxury cruise or an beautiful island destination they take care of clients’ privacy and leave no stone unturned to make you vacation a special segment of your life.

Accurate Assistance

A proper plan of action is the major part to craft a perfect vacation and it needs to perform a bunch of responsibilities with smartness. Travel agencies take charge of a luxury trip and always ready to handle every big and small issue with pure dedication.

In addition to this, they offer valuable assistance on their entire tour with the help of resolution protocol. Their accurate communication strategy allows them to make excellent arrangements accordingly. 

All in All

Planning a perfect vacation is not a cup of tea; it demands a prompt and attentive approach that can make a journey more appropriate than expectation. Therefore, experts are always the first priority when it comes to planning a perfect vacation tour with excellent services.

STILL SCINTILLATING : 5 Iconic Statues of Significant People in Liverpool, UK


Every city has famed names and people under the spotlight for many things they have done for the city’s good and for many reasons the public love them. In the United Kingdom, Liverpool is one of the beautiful cities that highly regard and treasure their locals who have made remarkable achievements and influence not only within the city but all over the world.

Through well-made statues, Liverpool gives honor and remembrance to the noteworthy humans of their city. These statues serve as an appreciation and a commemoration to them. Both locals and tourists enjoy the sight of the well-made sculptures located in Liverpool.

Aside from the fact that they are visually delightful and that they are well-known tourist spots in Liverpool, of course, what makes them more special is the history behind and the present significance of them.

Visiting Liverpool, do not miss the chance to see with your own eyes Liverpool’s iconic statues. Through the list below, get to know 6 of them and what they are all about:   

#1: Bessie Braddock Statue

Source – Flickr Radarsmum67

People who have fought for the greater good of the needy majority and of the oppressed definitely have a special place in the nation’s heart. A socialist campaigned all her life to pursue and promote better living conditions for the less fortunate and under-privileged section of Liverpool. It was former city councilor and later Member of Parliament (1945-1970) Bessie Braddock.

Growing up, Bessie’s eyes were opened to the reality that the societal inequality and poverty do exist in their city. Starting from an early age, these issues were not hidden to her anymore. She was no longer ignorant about it since she was young, and that’s where her drive to advocate the betterment of people’s lives in Liverpool came from.

Bessie was never positioned in the government during her lifetime, yet she obtained a nationwide eminence and prevalence because of her downright campaigns. Her movement and efforts were all centered and associated with provision and developments in public health, housing and other social issues. She served on the Royal Commission for Mental Health. Due to her, the Mental Health Act 1959 was born.

Source – Liverpool Echo

When she died, Bessie was identified to be one of the most prestigious political personalities of her time. She was described to be the most well-known woman in Britain, following Queen Elizabeth II. The whole Liverpool appreciate Bessie’s passion and love for the people, especially those at the considered lower portions of society.

Battling Bessie” is the name she is popular for. Significantly, Bessie ranked eighth in a BBC poll of “Great Merseysiders“. In 1970, Bessie breathed her last. Today, you can see the Bessie Braddock Statue at Liverpool Lime Street Station. It is close to the Ken Dodd Statue. These two sculptures joined together is called “Chance Meeting”.

Bessie Braddock Statue is an obra maestra of Tom Murphy. She is holding a handbag and an egg. It’s because of her why British eggs have the lion quality mark on them.

Source – Geograph

Moores Brothers Statue

Source – Liverpool Echo

A retail and football betting company, Littlewoods was established in Liverpool, England in 2923 by its founder John Moores. John started as a one-time post office messenger; he was printing coupons and disseminating them with bare hands.

Years passed, the business boomed and grew. Littlewoods became a household name. Through it, John became a billionaire. The Littlewoods mail order business began as well. Cecil Moore, his brother, handled the operations starting 1932 and also managed as the chairman up to 1979. John was a chairman at Everton Football Club, and in the 1960’s, he passed over the company’s control to Cecil. John’s legacy is written on a stone and is still celebrated even in today’s century in Liverpool.

At present, the Moores Brothers Statues are located in the main shopping area of Liverpool, outside Littlewoods, now the Primark Store. The masterpiece was unveiled and presented to the public by their sons, Chancellor John Moores and Liverpool Football Club’s shareholder David Moores.

Tom Murphy designed this grand sculpture of the two outstanding brothers. It was authorized by Littlewoods to signify and pay tribute to John’s centennial year in 1896.

The monuments were originally on a mounting, however, renovations were done in the site, so they are now placed street level.

Beatles Statue 

Source – Pexels – Nicolas Postiglioni

Liverpool has always been proud and pleased about their musical history and influence that scattered not only within the city’s entirety but also reached and spread throughout the globe. 

The Beatles has always been that iconic music band that nobody can ever forget. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Pete Best completed the original band, but Best was replaced by Ringo Starr in 1962. 

Even through the youngest of generations, The Beatles is known and highly admired. The four sons of Liverpool surely has contributed to the city’s already wonderful history, reputation and pool of talents through the music they let the whole world hear.

Without a doubt, many places have already been a memorial for The Beatles, and one of the freshest is the Beatles Statue situated in Liverpool’s waterfront, just past the Albert Docks. It was in December 4, 2015 that this masterpiece was publicized and unveiled by Julia Baird (John Lennon’s sister) and Liverpool deputy mayor Cllr Ann O’Byrne.

The Cavern Club gifted this statue, and its establishment occurs with the 50th anniversary of the band’s last music show in Liverpool which happened at the Liverpool Empire. The Cavern Club is where the band’s fame in the UK started. The most legendary Liverpool boys surely have brought many people from all over the United Kingdom and all over the whole world to visit their homeland, to see them live and to give ear to their peerless live music.

Produced in clay and resin, the Fab Four figures are bigger than human size. The hands that sculpted this exemplary work of art is Andrew Edwards’ (Andy Edwards) who also worked on other iconic and notable statues in Liverpool. He formed the Beatles Statue with the four men walking down the street. You will surely be amazed to see this sensational piece of art because you’ll really feel like the four boys are positioned to roam around Liverpool.

This area is an iconic spot for taking photos. If you happen to be around the place, dining in restaurants or staying in serviced apartments or hotels in Liverpool, you’ll be so close and free to head over this sought-after landmark and tourist spot in Liverpool. 

Cilla Black Statue

Source – Geograph

Another popular woman in the music industry and television industry as well, Priscilla White, known as Cilla Black, has a life-size statue of herself located in the distinguished Mathew Street in Liverpool. It was commissioned by Cilla’s sons to thank the city of Liverpool for its overflowing support, love and acknowledgement for their mother during her career and even after she had her last breath.

The Cilla Black Statue was uncovered and displayed to the public in January 2017, and it serves as a commendation and a commemoration to the 1960s singing celebrity and television presenter who first worked as a cloakroom attendant at the Cavern Club. That’s the reason why the statue stands outside the club, in front of the entrance used by Cilla when she was working there. 

Source – NME
Source Vision TV

Prior to having a fruitful music career, she was a lady taking care of the club guests’ belongings temporarily kept in the cloakroom. In the 1960s, Cilla took the spotlight over her name with the support from The Beatles. She performed together with the famous group while she was working at the famed Cavern Club. The 1964 Number One singles “Anyone Who Had a Heart” and “You’re My World” belong to Cilla’s biggest achievements in the industry. This spectacular bronze statue was made and collaborated by Emma Rodgers, the main artist, and Andy Edwards. If you will look closely into the details of the statue, Cilla’s dress show images representing her prosperous career and her personal life. At the base, you will see that the Cilla sculpture stands on a disc, “You’re My World” her top single. The unveiling was part of the club’s celebration of its 60th year.

Noel Chavasse VC and Bar Memorial Statue

Source – Liverpool Pembroke & Sefton Harriers & Athletics Club

Located in the Abercromby Square on the University of Liverpool’s South Campus, the Noel Chavasse VC and Bar Memorial Statue is a precious and momentous remembrance of the most celebrated and most saluted soldier of World War I, Captain Noel Godfrey Chavasse.

The younger sibling to his identical twin brother, Noel and his brother were born with typhoid in their first year of life. He was an excellent athlete when he was studying in Liverpool College. He graduated with first-honours, and he studied Medicine in Oxford. 

Noel’s application to the Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC) got approved, and he was appointed as a lieutenant. Chavasse was a captain with the RAMC, British Army attached to the 1/10th (Scottish) Battalion of the King’s (Liverpool Regiment), part of the 55th (West Lancashire) Division in World War I.

Source – Liverpool Pembroke & Sefton Harriers & Athletics Club

The statue represents Captain Chavasse together with a Liverpool Scottish stretcher bearer helping him bring a casualty. Noel is one of Liverpool’s valorous men of World War I. He is very much celebrated not just in the city but even abroad.

The top-notch and most esteemed award of the United Kingdom’s honours system is called the Victoria Cross (VC for short). It is bestowed only on men full of spirit and courage “in the presence of the enemy” to members of the British Armed Forces. This award may be given even after the recipient’s death.

The greatest reason why Noel is the greatest soldier to be granted this award is that out of the 628 VCs granted to soldiers in World War I, only Captain Chevasse was given the VC two times. Furthermore, in history, he is one of the only three men who received this hard-to-earn recognition. Chiefly, Noel is the first person to be endowed with two VCs for his deeds in the same battle.

Source – Wikimedia Commons

An outstanding British medical doctor, athlete, and renowned British Army officer, Noel lived for 32 years. Today, it is held that Noel is the individual who has the most war mementos in the UK if not one of the most. The UK National Inventory of War Memorials notes sixteen of them. With a price that shook the world records, his medals placed in St Peter’s College Oxford was bought at £1.5 million by a British-Belizean businessman and politician.

Tom Murphy is the sculptor who put his heart in creating Noel’s statue in Abercromby. Instead of the captain’s hat, the glengarry of the Liverpool Scottish was Noel’s usual headdress, thus, the reason for the statue’s depiction. Although it is said to be out of the way by some tourists, its location is deemed very meaningful as it is set close to Noel’s childhood home. It has been unveiled to the public in August 17, 2008.


Above is an information-packed list about the monuments or statues of celebrated Liverpool children. They are deemed as august tourist spots. So many years have passed, yet they are still remembered and very much taken pride in. They are still fascinating; what they have done and how they have influenced the people who have believed and admired them still scintillate today.

If you will visit Liverpool City UK, never lose a great chance to see these unmatched sculptures which cannot be seen anywhere else as they are. If parks, dinings, museums and 5 star hotels in Liverpool are already visually pleasing, these statues and more of the like are around the city too, introducing their beloved Liverpool-born victors to tourists and to new generations. 


Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for PREMIER SUITES Liverpool, a perfect hotel alternative where lavish serviced apartments are offered both for guests’ relaxation and productivity. She graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

Tour of India in a Hot Air Balloon

hot air balloon

Experiencing the tour in a whole new way is always an exciting thing to do. Tour some of India’s favorite tourist spots from eagle eyes view that is from a hot air balloon. This article is related to the selected tourist spot where a traveler can enjoy the beauty of the city from a hot air balloon Hot air balloon ride in Goa

Appreciate a bird’s-eye perspective on south Goa’s lavish green fields, wilderness, and waterways from 2,500 feet (762 meters) over the ground on a dawn sight-seeing balloon departure from Assolda. With travelers topped at only four voyagers for each inflatable, it’s a cozy and supernatural experience, while a far reaching pilot instructions guarantee security.

As you will watch seeing the vivacious inflatables growing up, it might be a brilliant idea to get a few snaps for the long stretch. Before adequately long, you will be helped into the canister where the pilot will outfit you with the guidance of the air trip. Inside minutes, you will feel the gravity-testing upward push of the inflatable and sure enough, your flight would have begun. Take off over the terrific spread of South Goa with an exciting 45 – an hour’s visitor balloon ride. The move from the Assolda Ground and feel the intensity as you take off high up in the sky and value staggering points of view on the ecological elements from 2,500 feet over the ground. Take a gander at the unadulterated points of view on the verdant greatness of South Goa from this outstanding ascent in conclusion return to the ground after this animating ride. In the wake of landing, you will get a Certificate of First Flight set apart by the pilot, which is really an authentic souvenir to keep for memories.

Hot air balloon ride in Jaipur, Rajasthan

See Rajasthan from high over the sky on this touring balloon visit. Tune in as your lord direct offers helpful study about the standard towns, mountain extents, and nation fields spread out before you. What can be a better technique than value the common and heavenly intrigue of Rajasthan than from a touring balloon coasting up in the sky! Rajasthan is the perfect spot to go for a touring balloon ride in India considering its dynamic quality and unequaled grandness. Coast vainly over the pink city at any of the two objectives Pushkar and Jaipur. You can get a glance at the extravagant imperial living arrangements, true fortifications and different lakes. You can moreover witness the magnificent Aravalli Range while getting a charge out of the astonishing heritage the city brings to the table. The ride continues for around 60 minutes, and it is taken up to the best stature of 4000 feet.

Delhi, NCR ride from a Hot Air Balloon

You can enjoy the flawless scene of our capital from taking off visitor balloons! Around Delhi, the outing is sifted through from Damdama Lake, Sohna, Neemrana and depending upon the atmosphere, morning flights can begin from 6:00 AM or 4:00 PM and 7:00 PM. It is regularly sifted through in the months from September to March. You can in like manner coast over the peaceful waters of the Damdama Lake as you take a touring balloon ride over the region. Survey the city from a prevalent view is an astonishing undertaking that should not be missed. The inflatable transcends to the furthest reaches of 5000 feet. If you are coming from outside India so you can book flights to New Delhi India and also enjoy Indian culture and Natural.

Hot Air balloon ride, Manali (Himachal Pradesh)

Wouldn’t it be simply astonishing to fly over the Himalayas while feeling the virus breeze in your palms? Indeed, presently you can. Despite the fact that it’s at its early stages, Hot Air Ballooning presently occurs in Manali.

Hampi, Karnataka

The most ideal approach to see the landmarks and cavern destinations at Hampi is to watch them from many meters over the ground! Karnataka offers the ideal setting for an interesting and quiet time raised on the West Bank of India; making up for a lost time as one of the top goals to appreciate tourist balloon rides in India. The inflatable takes its travelers to tallness of 500 m. The ride in a sight-seeing balloon offers a unique chance to see the old remnants more than ever.

Lonavala, Maharashtra

It is a perfect portal for Mumbaikars and the individuals around it. Here, sight-seeing balloon rides are accessible from Kamshet close Lonavala, which is situated at around 100 km Mumbai. Lonavala and its environment offer a curious, grand door close to Mumbai. Enhanced with thick greenery, durable timberlands, caverns, lakes, and dams; Lonavala is the ideal goal for enjoying this recreational action. The inflatable ride goes on for around an hour, and it is taken up to the most extreme tallness of 4000 feet.

While there are sufficient alternatives accessible to appreciate this entrancing recreational movement in our own one of a kind nation, we should carefully cling to its wellbeing guidelines to appreciate a protected ride. So just fly to India to get a pleasure tour.

5 Hotel Trends that are Enhancing Guest Experience

forest himalayas india jim corbett national park

Some hotel trends create mere ripples, other tidal waves. No matter how huge or tiny is the impact of a trend or how ephemeral or lasting it is, the hotels that benefit the most from these are the ones that are the fastest in tailoring their guest experience to it.

Some people prefer city life and look for hotels near attractive locations that they can explore, while some are wildlife enthusiasts and search for accommodations around nature parks. If you are a nature person too, you must get the best hotel in Jim Corbett National park, but you will have to search for it first.

Coming back to the hotel trends, here are 5 trends transforming the guest experience: some for good perhaps, and all certainly for better.

1 The Seamless Guest Experience

Though it may not be the most attention-grabbing of today’s hotel trends, this one keeps popping up in the industry news because of how fundamentally significant it is. While the guest experience is indeed broken into distinct stages (search, book, and stay being the big 3), if it feels broken to the tourists, it will lead to lost booking opportunities and unmet guest expectations.

Hotels are incorporating technology for automating and streamlining the entire guest experience right from start to finish, from optimized online booking engines to single-click check-in formalities.

2 The Personalized Guest Experience

The industry is entering into a modern age of personalization in response to evolving customer expectations. As the individual guests have embraced their uniqueness, the hotels must embrace them as well.

Hotels are exploring solutions that will make the entire guest experience 100% tailored for the individual: to their ideal hotel criteria, and even their food and music preferences.

3 The Transformational-Travel Guest Experience

This trend reflects a new philosophy of travel, as the travelers behind this trend seek self-reflection and development in their tours, to connect with humanity and nature, and return home changed, with a new perspective and a broader understanding of the world they inhabit.

Hotels are positively responding to it by designing guest experiences that enable travelers to challenge and explore their thoughts to reach a new level of satisfaction.

4 The Food-Focused Guest Experience

Nobody will call excellent food a “trend”. “A delightful element of human experience,” sure! In this trend, hotels are incorporating food into the guest experience. Talking about it, there already is decadent in-room dining served well in the wee hours of the morning, breakfast buffets so exquisite that they defy the term “buffet” and call more of a “sumptuous feast”.

Hotels are rising, like mushy, pillowy dinner rolls, to the occasion.

5 The Eco-Friendly Guest Experience

Travelers are becoming increasingly aware of their carbon footprint and want to minimize it wherever and however they can. Hotels that are embracing these values and adapting the guest experience accordingly not only welcome more guests, they are also cutting down energy waste and saving money.

From measures directly visible to guests (lights and ACs that switch off automatically when the room is vacant, think responsibly-sourced toiletries, and even a towel-reuse policy) to efforts happening behind the curtain (going paperless with cloud-based management systems), hotels are going green on many fronts.


Each one of these guest experiences is suggestive of changes in the industry, and hotels should always be open to it, whether it is in the form of new technology or new attribute of travel.

For travelers of all kinds, hotels are keeping up with their pace to give them experiences that they desire. Be it a hotel in Jim Corbett National Park, or somewhere in the city, you thought it, hotels did it!

Ideas to Add to Your UAE Itinerary

Jumeirah Beach

UAE is a country of Islamic culture, record-breaking architecture, red dune desert, preserved heritage, craggy mountains, and turquoise beaches. Many travelers find UAE synonymous with Dubai, and they visit this rich emirate and depart. However, the country is much more than exploring just the glitz of Dubai.

Here we are updating your UAE trip with these fresh and unique ideas to help you leave footprints all over the country-

1 Dubai

Spend the maximum time of the tour in Dubai, as, no doubt it has more offerings than the rest in the list. Looking like a dream city, you can discover the neck-wrecking skyscrapers, numerous beaches, Michelin-star restaurants, and mind-blowing adventure keeps you involved and entertained.

Perhaps, you would have read a lot about Dubai. Besides this urbane-styled tourism, you can escape to the desert. The Dubai desert safari tour comes in various packages giving you the thrill of dune bashing to the calmness of camel ride, the excitement of quad biking to the nervousness of the hot air balloon ride. The camping with dinner and shows under the starlit sky is amazing.

The best time to visit the city is during December and January when there is perfect weather and annual celebrations like New Year’s Eve and the Dubai Shopping Festival.

desert safari in dubai

2 Abu Dhabi

The oil-rich capital of UAE falls next and could be reached via road in an hour and a half. Spend the entire day or more as the tourists are fascinated by the endless entertainment options.

• The top and must-visit attraction is the Ferrari World, the first Ferrari branded theme park in the world, where you can enjoy incredible rides, see the most exquisite cars and even ride those.
• Pay your visit to one of the world’s largest mosque Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, which has an intricate design, white and gold facade, 82 domes, and over 1000 columns.
• Soak in the Abu Dhabi’s charm by strolling on the 5 miles long, seaside promenade, the Corniche, that is lined by some of the city’s most popular hotels, restaurants, and cafes, including the remarkable resort, Emirates Palace.
• Dig into the history of the nation at Al Jahili Fort, Heritage Village, and Sheikh Zayed Palace Museum.
• Spectate the Falcon show, take a ride to the desert, scrutinize the Marina Mall and check out the jaw-dropping Louvre Museum.


3 Sharjah

For history buffs, no emirate better than Sharjah will display the restored heritage and tradition of UAE. Declared by UNESCO in 1998 as the Cultural Capital of the Arab World, it has a plethora of museums and galleries to delve deeper into how the Arab lifestyle was. The city defines low-key traveling with its subtle approach. Also, it’s a dry place, with no alcohol anywhere.

• Sharjah Art Museum is the three-story artistic wonder with a huge collection of the late 19th-century Arab arts, paintings, and visuals. You can also appreciate the splendor of a variety of collections of art and artifacts at the Sharjah Heritage Museum and Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization.
• A fort revamped to a museum today, Sharjah Fort from 1823 is a historic building.
• Admire the design of the Al Noor Mosque, unwind at Al Mamzar Beach, witness the underwater species at Sharjah Aquarium and shop at Blue Souk.

central souq in sharjah city

4 Ras Al Khaimah

Famous for Arabian Gulf beaches and backed by Hajjar Mountains, this northernmost emirate has a wonderful atmosphere.

• Challenge your inner guts to zip line across the UAE’s highest mountain, Jebel Jais. The ultimate adventure for adrenaline junkies, this is performed under guidance and surveillance.
• To get your breath back from wandering and hiking, bask in the sun at the pretty beaches around.
• Also, sharpen your knowledge at RAK National Museum. Anyone interested in seeing the ruins and learning history could head towards the Dhayah Fort, Jazirat al-Hamra and Khatt Springs.


5 Fujairah

Lying across the Gulf Of Oman, Fujairah beaches are an ideal place for sunbathing, swimming and diving.

Go back centuries ago as you find the monuments made of stones and mud. The city has the oldest surviving mosque in UAE, Al Bidyah Mosque, oldest fort in the UAE, Fujairah Fort and what used to be the headquarters of the ruling family, Al-Hayl Castle. Trek through the picturesque wadis and villages.


6 Ajman

The smallest emirate in UAE is located at a 40-minute drive away from Dubai. The underrated city has natural reserves, parks, all-inclusive museums, golf clubs, beach resorts and more.

7 Umm Al Quwain

Located between RAK and Ajman, the city has unique attractions and activities going around. From witnessing camel racing to watching snakes and fishes in the aquarium, from relaxing on islands to sailing on the sea, from checking the old port to capturing the old fort, the trip could be your weekend getaway.

So, the next time you think of flying to Dubai, don’t forget its fascinating and diverse six neighbouring emirates.

Best Things to do in Canyonlands National Park

Grand Canyon National Park

Canyonlands National Park in Southeastern Utah is renowned for its dramatic landscape. Thrill seekers from all parts of the country flock to this place to satiate their thirst for adventure. It’s over 300,000 acres of colorful canyons, carved over the centuries by water, is a sight to behold. In case you are seeking out a place for your next outing in the USA where you can partake in adrenaline-pumping activities in the most enthralling ways, then this is it. Here’s all you can do.


The park has one of the best backpacking terrains in the country. A permit is required for an overnight stay within the area and getting the same can be quite difficult during spring and fall when a large number of backpackers flock to the park. Apply for the permit months in advance to increase your chances of scoring a permit. The Needles is one of the most popular backpacking spots in the park.


Only a handful of places on earth that offer mountain biking opportunities as great as Canyonlands National Park. And riding a bike is perhaps the best way to explore the mostly untouched landscape of Canyonlands. The designated trails for mountain bikers help in ensuring their safety. From backcountry roads to paved trails, Canyonlands has them all.


The Colorado and Green Rivers that meander through the magnificent terrain of the park have played a crucial role in shaping it up. These rivers run flat for hundreds of miles, creating sea kayaking and canoeing opportunities for travellers. But that is not all! There is also a 14-mile stretch of Grade III to Grade V white water, giving adventurers a chance for some adventure-filled kayaking or rafting.

Rock Climbing

Calling Canyonlands National Park a heaven for rock climbers would not be an overstatement. However, there are several regulations that need to be taken care of while indulging in rock climbing in the park. For instance, deliberate removal of plants or lichen is strictly prohibited. Glueing of new holds, reinforcement of existing holds with glue and physical alteration of rocks through chiselling is also prohibited. Moreover, you cannot use white chalk for rock climbing. Only the use of earth tone chalk that matches the colour of rocks is permitted.


Do you like ditching the luxuries of the world every once in a while and dwelling in the lap of nature? Well, if the answer is in the affirmative, then you have found the perfect place for you. Imagine spending a night or maybe a few in the serene and undisturbed environs of the national park, away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. A canopy of stars glittering above your head will be the perfect companion in this adventure.

Has your interest been piqued? Well, if so, then grab an international or domestic flight booking offer on HappyEasyGo and get ready to revel in the beauty of this park.

Make Your Trip Enthralling With a Luxurious Music Travel Agency

luxury travel

Music is the God gifted tool for living a healthy life for the whole human fraternity. It is a key to the soul which helps us in making physically and mentally healthy. The music is a melody that triggers positive thoughts and good memories of past time, favorite places, persons or events. Music is very powerful and can convey positive messages to all sorts of emotions without telling and asking anything to anyone. 

Music events and travels are part and parcel of our life, taking professional advice and guidance is the right choice to make your music travel easy and luxurious. Travel agencies are known to convey the best services and ensure convenient and smooth transportation of music equipment at the planned venue on accurate time. 

Association Worldwide

Travel agencies have worldwide recognition for which they can be able to fulfill the wide range of demand by different clients. Having connections worldwide has made them provide the required services to their customers’ demand, recognized agencies focus to maintain their high-end services in every single aspect of traveling. 

A Travel agency is a firm that has full knowledge of tourist product – destinations, modes of travel, climate, accommodation and other areas of the service. This attentive and strategic move of travel agencies made them a trustworthy solution for every traveling need.

Agency services

Well-known music tour agencies, for instance, emphasize flexibility and personalization across a range of authentic experiences worldwide. They design each holiday around a client’s needs and preferences,/ and arrange transportation according to the taste of the client’s needs.

They uphold excellent relations with top airlines and other luxury transportation services to deliver upgraded services that made them a leading sensation of the transportation industry. They are clients friendly and understand their needs and avail the services according to the client’s interest. 

Relevant information

The best travel agency gathers relevant information about the destination where you are likely to spend quality time. They check all the requirements that are needed by the clients. Travel agents provide reliable support and offer invaluable expertise that is not easily replicated online.

With the overwhelming influx of travel, information made available to the customer today, Music travel agents to differentiate themselves by providing elements of personalization during customer interactions and they are at their service. Providing relevant information to clients is the most important task for worldwide travel agencies.


The team of experienced professionals makes the corporate trip pleasant and relaxing. The travel agencies act as the liaison between the service providing travel vendors to work out the best plans within the company’s travel policy.

For selecting a travel agency, the leading requirement is that the agency should have all the knowledge regarding the event from start to end, from organizing everything proficiently to offering the best quality services to the clients. These expert agencies provide the coordinator that makes sure things like pre-checking of the hotels, bookings of air travel, etc.

Top 10 Beaches in the UK


Are you obsessed with the white sandy beaches of Bahamas and Miami?

If yes then it’s time to explore some European beaches and when it comes to European beaches, the UK is the heaven for the beach lovers. The UK is an island country and therefore this place is piled with beautiful beaches.

Summer or no summer, the UK’s beaches and shores always offers walk, rock pools, and unique wildlife and off course fresh air. The weather of the UK is different from those Pacific Ocean islands and thus the whole ecosystem of the British beaches is unique and incredible.

What will be better than spending quality time with your loved ones at one of the most popular beaches in the UK and some of those are most scenic spots in this blue planet? Creating a list of top 10 beaches in the UK is really a difficult task when there are hundreds of options available.

Here’s the complete list of top 10 beaches in the UK and the reason of their existence in this list.

1.Blackpool Beach, Lancashire

Most of the beaches are hub of summer entertainment but Blackpool trades throughout the whole year. The days are amazing and the nights are awesome at this English beach.

Blackpool beach is an entertainment hotspot where music concerts are help time to time. Many worlds recognized singers including Britney Spears, Pitbull, DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince had performed earlier. In 2018 a three day music show was hosted at the front of famous Blackpool tower during the Blackpool festival.

The Blackpool beach recently has been awarded with its “first blue flag” putting it on the list of top renowned sites of the world. There is so much to explore in the Blackpool beach beside sandcastles, beach sand, sea live and sunbath.

2.Bamburgh Beach

It could be the best shooting location for some of the Hollywood movies. The crystal clear water, shiny beach and the Bamburgh castle makes this place majestic. This place with sandy coastline backed by huge sand dunes was once a stronghold Norman dynasty.

What really makes this beach awesome and completely unique from others is the Bamburgh castle. The castle dates back to 6th century which is still dominating the outline behind the beach.

Best places to explore near Bamburgh beach:

  • Bamburgh Castle
  • Grace Darling Museum
  • St Aidan Church
  • Farne Islands
  • Lindisfarne Nature Reserve
  • Beau Monde Spa

3.Rhossili Beach

If you are tired with your daily life rush and need complete isolation and peace of mind then Rhossili beach could be the appropriate place to relax and refresh yourself. The beautiful beach is spread through an arc shape and has a length of more than 5 KM.

Rhossili beach is considered the 3rd most famous beaches of the UK. There are bucket full of medieval and prehistoric spots near the beach such as St Mary Virgin Church, Fall Bay, Weobley Castle, Stradey Castle, Pennard Castle, Oxwich Castle, Culver Hole Cave, Parc Howard Museum etc.

Activities to do at Rhossili beach:

  • Surfing
  • Boating
  • Board Riding
  • Shopping
  • Gaming
Rhossili beach

4.Barafundle Bay

Most of the world’s popular beaches are usually crowded and some of them are overcrowded. The beaches listed here are exclusive and less explored. The untouched natural beauty of these beaches will heal your body and soul.

Barafundle bay beach is also less traveled beach in the UK and I am sure you will love to roam this destination no matter if you are traveling solo or you are traveling with family members. The mess free environment, clear water, golden sand, white cliffs and lush greenery makes this place a tourist heaven.


  • Top 12 beaches in the world, 2004
  • Best picnic spot, 2006
  • Green coast and seaside award, 2019
Barafundle Bay

5.West Wittering, Sussex

A beach seems to be like incomplete without the colorful beach houses and West Wittering beach has plenty of them. These colorful bathing houses helps you getting rid of sea water and sand after spending hours at the beach.

The beach huts are the necessary part of every beach ecosystem and many of these huts are integrated with a lot of features and facilities. The West Wittering beach lies at the Chichester Harbor which offers a magnificent view.

6.Sandalwood Bay

It’s time to explore some Scottish beaches in the UK and Snadalwood Bay could be the best option to go with. The best part of this beach is it is less known and isolated. You won’t believe but Sandalwood bay is the most unspoilt beaches in the UK and the beauty lies under its isolation. More than 1.5 miles of untouched beach filled with golden sand will make you feel more romantic with your better half.

Places to visit near Sandalwood Bay:

  • Cape Wrath
  • Spirit Trekking Centre
  • Ridgway Adventure
  • Cape Wrath Lighthouse
Sandalwood Bay

7.Porthcurno Bay, Cornwall

Porthcurno bay has a lot of small beaches at the foot of Porthcurno cliffs. Porthcorno means “bay of Cornwall” in the local Cornish language. The beach is stretched to more than 3 miles and embedded with the rocky cliffs.

There aren’t many beaches which can match the raw beauty of this English beach. Each and every element of Porthcurno Bay is exotic and unique from its white sandy beaches to turquoise water and rugged granite cliffs to unspoilt oceanic wildlife.

Few places to visit in Porthcurno bay:

  • Sennen Land’s End
  • Sculpture Garden
  • Tanglewood Wild Garden
  • Minack Theatre
  • Marine Discovery
  • Geevor Tin Mine
Porthcurno Bay, Cornwall

8.Blakeny Point, Norfolk

Spend time with grey seals at the Blakeny Point, Norfolk and witness the wild side of the UK. You need to visit this place in winter to see the seal pups and the adults nurse them during the warmer months on the sandbanks of this beach.

The Blakeny Point is enriched with extraordinary wildlife and this beach could be the perfect place to watch the wildlife at its best. Explore the natural inhabitants of this place including otters, sea birds, seals, sandwich terns, yellow horned puppies and more.

Blakeny Point, Norfolk

9.Kingsgate Bay, Kent

The king’s place is widely popular as Kingsgate Bay and many English monarchies have lived in the famous Kingsgate Castle. The castle is made on the top of the white chalk cliff and at the foot of the cliff there is a miles long sandy beach.

The beach is almost isolated due to unavailability of proper commute and roads. Explore the unexplored things at the Kingsgate Bay and I am sure that would be one of the best experiences of your life.

Best places to visit near Kingsgate Bay:

  • Botany Bay
  • Joss Bay
  • Kingsgate Castle
  • North Foreland Golf Club
Kingsgate Bay, Kent

10.Woolacombe Beach, Devon

Woolacombe beach is one of the most travelled British beaches and that’s why it is featured in this list and had won numerous awards. The iconic English grassland, meadows and valleys are stretched at the sea shore which makes the place more mesmerizing.

Places to visit near Woolacombe Beach:

  • St Sabinus Church
  • Bull Point Lighthouse
  • Mortehoe Museum
  • Roylands Horse Riding
  • Watermouth Castle
woolacombe beach

Bottom Line:

If you are going to invest on traveling make sure to invest on best. Create your budget, buy travel accessories according the destination, pack your bag and hit the road. Make a plan and create a list of places you are going to visit. Doing this will surely help you roam your top destinations more conveniently and mess free.

The ecosystem of a pacific beach and English beach differs completely and thus you must visit few top beaches in the UK once in your life. This post will surely help you in creating list of your top UK destination to travel this or maybe next year.

Best Tourist Spots in Himachal


If there is one place you are looking to find solace, then there is nothing better than a 4-5 day trip to the snow-capped beauty, Himachal Pradesh.

YES!! That’s right. I know some of you might have presumed that I was talking about a foreign state with similar traits but being a traveller/explorer myself, but not as avid as other travellers which you would find on Instagram or other social media handles, Himachal Pradesh is filled with scenic beauties that will mesmerize your soul.

I know….I know that the budget is a problem. So what? Should we just give up on exploring new places and just take our last breath in the city we were born in? I’d recommend, smart traveling as an option. It usually goes up to INR 15000-20000 as far as the expenses are concerned but there are many companies offering smart traveling solutions. Just like I came across a company known as Mihuru, which offers fantastic options to travellers like us who are always BROKE!! :P.

Anyway, moving ahead, I am going to talk about how you can make the utmost use of the thrill and unimaginable beauty that, the northwest region of the magnificent Himalayas has to provide.

India’s best backpacking destination, walking you through the snow-capped pine trees and their super friendly inhabitants, this place has it all.

backpacking destination

Over the past decade, Himachal Pradesh has become a natural hub for all travellers seeking to run away from their never-ending problems and to find the peace which makes you feel closer to nature.

From all the busy schedules that we usually crib about, take 96 hours out of your busy lives and pay a visit here.

The best way to reach here is to take a flight to Chandigarh and then hire a local cab or city buses to take you wherever you wish to.  The best time of the year to visit here is post-March and believe me, when you start seeing the snow melt uncovering the lush green fields and hills and horses grazing, you will then realize the true beauty of nature and be able to understand it.

  1. Now the first place you would want to visit and my personal favorite – Kasol

Source: Unsplash

A normal drive takes you through the breath-taking windy hill roads. Kasol is an extremely popular destination but it is somewhat commercialized. Thanks to the coverage it received from the media but if you go deep into it, you will find the place more and more communicative. You will find kids jumping and playing in the hot water springs which makes you want to stay there forever. Spend a day relaxing there and then moving on to our next destination, Malana

  • Malana

Source: Unsplash

Malana is just a 50 min drive from Kasol and the roads will enlighten you with lush greens and orange fields. The picturesque village is especially known for its quiet ambiance and panoramic views of Chandrakhani peaks. However, the locals there do not entertain party animals or loud environments. The Goa-vibe? No, it does not work in that part of the region.

Why not just go there and just as you would in any other part of Himachal, smoke some pot and embrace the charm it has to offer?

  • Tosh

If not the best, I feel this place is 2nd to none when it comes to places offering beauty, peace, pleasure all at the same time.

This place is a 2-hour drive from Kasol situated 2400 m above sea level. This is a place, which I feel needs no development as far as building apartments or shopping malls are concerned. It has its own way of making the travellers fall in love with it. I’d recommend staying at Pink Floyd Cafe, another place where no stranger is a stranger after a joint of marijuana.

  • Kheerganga

To complete a trip filled with memories, Kheerganga is the place where you can end your journey.

You can do a 4-hour trek from Barsheni and climbing through the beauties that nature has to provide. Once you reach the top of Kheerganga, you will feel like you are on top of the world with pin-drop silence around you and the snow-clad mountains being a panoramic view of a photo frame or a desktop wallpaper.

Looks like we have come to an end of our journey folks. God!! It felt so good writing about this.  The motive behind this is to encourage you all to be a part of such journeys and explore the magical setup that the mighty Himalayas have to offer.

Excel your Knowledge of Fitness with Productive Yoga Training Programs

yoga at Himalayas

Image Source: Himalayan Snow Runner

Exercise is an important aspect of a fit and healthy body; it is a unique way of expressing love to your body. It gives peaceful vibes that maintain a perfect balance between your mind and body, even in your exhausting daily life routine.

Moreover, keeping a healthy schedule in routine enhances our energy level and allows us to perform our activities without being tired. Well-Maintained physic and healthy lifestyle is everyone’s priority, people are making every possible effort and save their precious time from everyday routine in order to stay fit and healthy.

People who are passionate about their fitness and have a strong desire to help others in achieving their fitness goals then Yoga appreciates this attentive approach and creates wide career options for their aspirants.

In order to show some serious consideration of the fitness industry, it is more important to have keen knowledge about the respective filed. Fitness training programs are the best way to enhance your interest in the fitness industry and give a fresh start to your rewarding career.

Fitness training programs introduce you to the vast opportunities by that you can shape your career in the way you want.

Roles of a Yoga Instructor

Yoga trainer devotes their significant time and efforts to achieve the healthy lifestyle goals of their clients. In order to check the performance level of a client, they conduct various physical tests so that they can schedule planned workout that a client can perform and their body can support the pressure of performance.

As well all know that exercise is not the only aspect for a healthy body, it also includes diet plans. Yoga trainer make a perfect diet plan that suits the requirements of a client and body type, it helps them to maintain their health in a productive manner.

Wide Career Opportunities

Fitness industry is an ocean full of opportunities and being a fitness instructor or yoga trainer one can have wide career options to pursue including Yoga instructor, personal yoga trainer, yoga teacher or the inauguration of their own yoga club.

Performing all the roles and responsibilities in a well manner is all you need to do for having a rewarding career in the fitness industry. Understanding the requirements of people and motivate them towards their fitness goals can make you an ideal contributor in the field.


Fitness training programs provides a proper guidance and can trigger your career by offering you well-designed training programs that can boost your knowledge. In the fitness industry is carrying a flexible approach, where you can master all the fitness aspects including Yoga, Aerobics, Zumba etc. it gives you a fair chance to take your career in its heights.

The true fact is- people are really concerned about their health and fitness trainers acts as their life line that can motivate them and take them to their desired fitness goals. A professional and certified fitness trainer is the priority of leading fitness chains or health clubs. So, gaining vast knowledge from reliable sources has become an essential requirement of every person who is willing to pursue their career in this field.

Acclaimed Pilgrimage Places in Kerala


Kerala is not solely acclaimed for its common magnificence; the land is likewise renowned for its wealthy culture and bequest.

The wealthy and completely different completely different social bequests of Kerala have helped the native people with different strict convictions to measure in concordance and have a serene existence. There are various sanctuaries, holy places, mosques and completely different focuses having an area with various strict gatherings in Kerala.

Kerala has various renowned journey places for all religions, but you’ll find a strict spot, be it a congregation, sanctuary or masjid, at every recess and corner of the state. Absolutely the most famed journey puts in Kerala are recorded beneath.

Hindu pilgrimage places in Kerala

In distinction to totally different items of the state, the sanctuaries in Kerala observe exacting principles and a few even have severe wear laws. Photography and videography don’t seem to be permissible, tidiness is Associate in Nursing unquestionable demand and a few do not allow non-Hindus within. thus talk over with the neighborhood people or the sanctuary specialists whereas you’re on a journey to the sanctuaries of Kerala. Book Now Kerala tour packages for couple.

Sabarimala (Pathanamthitta)

The sanctuary settled within the Western Ghats mountain scopes of Pathanamthitta District observer one among the most important yearly journeys on the earth. The sanctuary committed to Lord open simply throughout the days of Mandalapooja (from mid-November to December), Makaravilakku (mid-January) and through the Vishu celebration (mid-April), and therefore the initial 5 days of each South Dravidian month.

A significant purpose to notice is that women between the ages gathering of twelve to fifty don’t seem to be permissible to Sabarimala.

The aficionados got to adhere to sure strict standards before visiting the slope sacred place. they must take forty one days vratham (fasting, a severe vegetarian diet, chastity, abstinence from alcohol etc…) before the journey.

The explorers in addition got to trek around five metric linear units through the backwoods to attain the sanctuary.

Air terminals: Kochi terminal (160 km), Thiruvananthapuram (170 km).

Guruvayoor (Thrissur)

The sanctuary committed to Lord Krishna pulls in an exceedingly Brobdingnagian range of enthusiasts systematically and is renowned for its painting sketches. Click here for Kerala tour packages for couple

Non-Hindus aren’t allowable into the sanctuary and like various totally different sanctuaries in Kerala, men square measure simply allowable to wear mundu (dhoti) while not the shirt within the sanctuary, very little children and girls will wear shalwar tunic, long skirts, dress or mundu-neriyathu.

Sightseers may likewise visit the within sight PunathurKotta, possessed by the sanctuary, that is concerned around sixty five trained elephants.

Air terminal: Kochi (75 km).

SreePadmanabha Temple (Trivandrum)

The sanctuary is dedicated to Lord Hindu deity. The distinctiveness of the sanctuary is that here the image of Lord Hindu deity is in Associate in Nursing endless Hinduism rest cause on the snake Adisheshan. The sanctuary is renowned for its fortune creating it the wealthiest foundation and spot of affection on the earth.

Guests ought to rigorously pursue the consumer goods normal at this sanctuary. Simply typical wears, for instance, mundu-neriyathu, dress or long skirts for women and tiny kids and mundu (dhoti) while not shirt for men and young men are allowed. Mobiles, cameras, sacks aren’t allowable within the sanctuary.

Transportation will not be a problem because the sanctuary is located within the center of attention of town and also the airport terminal and train station are solely minutes from the sanctuary.

ParassinikadavuMuttappan Temple (Kannur)

This special sanctuary is organized at the banks of the Valapattanam stream. Not in the least like totally different sanctuaries in Kerala, the sanctuary pursues the non-Brahminical sort of love; it’s done on a ceremonial creative expression referred to as Muttappantheyam. Fish, meat, and flavor are offered to Muthappan.

Air terminal: Karipur International airfield, Kozhikode, (110 km).

Christian pilgrimage places in Kerala

Kerala was one among the primary places in quite whereas wherever Christianity was unfolded. St Thomas, one among the twelve witnesses of the Christ, World Health Organization visited Kerala in fifty two AD, settled the foundations of Christianity within the state.

Palayur (Thrissur)

It is one among the seven homes of worship worked by the Apostle. There are around fourteen symbols within the congregation that depict the life and work of St Thomas. The PalayoorMahatheerthadanam (journey) control throughout the season pulls in a very sizable amount of people to the congregation World Health Organization move to the congregation conveyance of title a wood cross.

Air terminal: Kochi (80 km)

Malayattoor (Ernakulam)

It is a major journey place for the Christians. This ridge church is likewise known with the legends of St Thomas. An oversized range of enthusiasts climb the rough mountain (some shoeless) conveyance of title crosses to breed the last journey of Christ. Pioneers likewise accept the water at the procurable well to own celestial capability to recuperate sicknesses.

Air terminal: Kochi (15 km)

Vallarpadom Church (Ernakulam)

The congregation Basilica of Our girl of Ransom – is organized on a good looking island on the Vembanad Lake. The congregation was aforementioned to be worked by the Portuguese preachers within the sixteenth century. The yearly celebration of Vallarpadath Amma, that endures Associate in nursing over seven days, is control every year on Gregorian calendar month twenty four.

Air terminal: Kochi (33 km)

St Mary’s Cathedral-Manarcad (Kottayam)

It is associate in nursing recent Syrian Eastern Church celebrated for the gala of St the Virgin, which pulls in a very nice several travelers from higher places. It likewise has the standing of a Universal Marian Pilgrim Center.

Air terminal: Kochi (84 km)

St Alphonsa sanctum church and Pilgrim focus (Kottayam)

The individual focus is committed to St Alphonsa World Health Organization lived in Bharananganam and it homes her spot. The passing commemoration of the holy man on twenty eight July may be an important day for the large range of aficionados World Health Organization visit the place of worship to beg. The individual effects of the Saint are shown in Associate in nursing hall near the church.

Air terminal: Kochi (78 km)

Muslim pilgrimage places in Kerala

CheramanJuma house of prayer (Kodungallor in Thrissur)

This house of prayer is accepted to be the second on the world and 1st house of prayer in quite whereas wherever Juma petitions were begun. It absolutely was worked in 629 AD by Arab propagator of Islam leader Deenar. Dissimilar to completely different mosques within the nation the look of CheramanJuma house of prayer is constructed in typical Kerala. The current Arab vogue minarets were enclosed the later amount.

Air terminal: Kochi (30 Km)

Beemapally house of prayer (Trivandrum)

The house of prayer and Therefore the Beemapally Dargah Shareef are in style for its yearly celebration Urs – ‘Chandanakudam’. The Dargah homes the tombs of SyedunnisaBeemaBeevi, a Muslim woman with celestial forces, and her kid SyedushuhadamaheenAbubacker. The Urs celebration is seen in recognition of BeemaBeevi and her kid. The spot is organized near to the bounds and therefore the nearby market is documented for little foreign merchandise and one amongst form nourishment.

Step by step directions to return to: The spot is not remote from Trivandrum terminus and train station

Malik Deenar house of prayer (Kasargod) For Booking click here Kerala travel packages

The recorded house of prayer in Thalanagara was worked by leader Deenar. The spot is likewise in style for the yearly leader DeenarUroos. The house of prayer not in the least like others is developed in average Kerala vogue engineering and moreover contains the grave of leader Ibn Mohammed; one amongst the relatives of leader Deenar.

The most effective methodology to reach: it’s extraordinarily near to Kasaragod train station.

Closest terminus is Mangalore International landing field (64 clicks in Karnataka)

Other significant journey puts in Kerala


Kerala’s alone Gurudwara is in addition organized in Perumanoor, shut Thevara, Kochi. it had been before organized heaps of close to the realm of the domestic fowl workplace. At the purpose once the land was gained for workplace, it had been captive to Perumanoor.

Instructions to come back to: The Kochi airport terminal and railroad stations square measure accessible.


Jain Derasar (Kozhikode)

There are extremely 2 sanctuaries within the unpredictable that are aforementioned to go together with an oversized variety of years previous. The sanctuaries have cleanly painted insides and elaborately cut colonnades.

Kozhikode railroad terminal (3 km)
Kochi depot (27 km)
Puliyarmala Jain Temple (Wayanad)

This thirteenth century sanctuary is dedicated to Ananthnath Hindoo, a Jain Tirthankara. It’s been in-built the standard Dravidian vogue with lavish carvings and columns. The sanctuary is organized 6km from Kalpatta in Wayanad. There are a massive variety of Jain statues and models and diverse relics there.

It is 2 hour’s drive from Kozhikode depot.